so stay on task and forget videos for now…

So some non video stuff from the emails and I will just ave all those youtube links on a word .doc and deal with them later.  Fact is, I really need to changing gears real soon to where I am doing the real pro Big “D” democracy blog with a real- even if temporary name to it- and just be doing it.  Which means that the next step, after this last “training wheels attached post”, is to be getting totally immersed in WordPress itself and start up the next new “beta’ version of what I am trying to do and really start moving to where I am trying to get.  So…

A very good Krugman quote with a link in it to a blogpost of his about how much of what he calls the “Very Serious People” (aka the fiscal hawks and scolds and austerity Reagonomic fanatics) rely on in the way of Economic research for there arguments is not only deeply flawed but simply seized on and believed by them because it’s what they want to hear.  To whit:

“And the European elite’s habit of disguising ideology as expertise, of pretending that what it wants to do is what must be done, has created a deficit of legitimacy. The elite’s influence rests on the presumption of superior expertise; when those claims of expertise are proved hollow, it has nothing to fall back on.”  -Paul Krugman-

And now I will try this another way.  Here is a link to that has “The Koch Brothers Exposed” video in it.  Go there and watch the video if you don’t already suffer from Koch Brother’s Fatigue Syndrome.  But remember, they and their minions rely on KBFS and many other forms of apathy and disengagement to, you know, keep subverting our Democracy and running the world in a profitable manner for them and their ilk and to the extreme and increasing detriment to all the rest of us indiginous bozos on this bus to and from everywhere.


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