Time it is and what a time it is…

…time to really put in the, you know, time required to take this thing, this crazy terrible thing that is, “my work”, to the next level or levels.  Levels Jerry, levels.  But now it is time for breakfast.  What I will do from here to day is post a lot, a lot of the minutia that comes from starting up yet again.  Slog through my emails to me me me and also take the books to respond and react to at this start-up stage.  Soon I will be immersed in the Claire book, the Renegade book, and the WordPress for Dummies book (along with the on board WordPress help and tutorials).  It is time to really wake it and shake it.

The following is the text of an email I sent to “Progressives United:…

“While I see no harm in your call for calls- in fact it’s kind of sweet and cute- with all due respect we need something far stronger, more dramatic, difficult, and concrete: like a National organized Congressional district by congressional District movement advocating Constitutional Amendment level reform of not only the “Money in Politics” and Citizens United issues but also our deeply broken electioneering and anti Democratic two party (defacto one party) system.  Our very Democracy is not “at risk” of being corrupted by the cynical manipulations of the few at the expense of the many it is at risk of getting past the point of no return before enough of us finally realize that it is, after all, “We the people…” who need to actually get up and stand up to what is being done- supposedly on our behalf and in our names.  If not us, who… if not now… probably never.  Kind of like the global warming and our industrial agriculture “issues”.  I’m just saying. “

I’ll say this- mainstream politics is so far off base that it makes me wanna holler- throw up both my hands.  How to create a new movement?  One that brings us all together to fight the inane stupidity of the oligarch funded “democracy” we are now settling for.  That’s the question and the challenge.  Politics is held in such disdain and contempt by so many in this country and that sentiment is used by the Roves and Kochs and Murdochs to have an oligarchic controlled environment that the jingoist patriot right embraces as “our country” and our righteous “way of life” and that the mainstream liberal opposition can’t seem to appease or “respect these good rich folks” enough.  All the while claiming to be fighting them as best “this political climate” will allow.

And that’s what’s not good enough.

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