Finally the time has come…

…to finally just do this thing that has been both percolating and resonating and at some times festering inside of me for pretty much all of my semi adult, perpetual post adolescent, and now maybe late lingering quaisi-youth/late middle age/looming old age onset that I find myself still fighting, sometimes still slogging through.  So the emphasis now becomes:

  • The pro Democracy in America blog and related other writing and Web Presence and social media stuff that “all of that” both implies and, you know, leads to…
  • All the other creative work involved in me being as much as I can be “T-Bone at his best”- which is to say the person who answers the question for himself/myself about “Why man creates…” which is taken from one of those student fillums that Cuzzy Moto brought home from his OSU A/V job.  I know what that is, and I don’t need to journalize or blog about it- I just need to JDI on all that, Brew…
  • Getting my old and balky body to lead my spirit and psyche and yes, intellect to approach all of this.  That;s always how I self medicated most effectively: the healthy outlet way of the runner’s high…

Anyway, it’s time to really immerse in WordPress and my work at the same time.  Anyway, post post post- yeah yeah yeah… and of course: right right right.

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