The myth of techno-gizmo salvation…

…usually devolves into a way for the giant oligarchic entities of any particular sector of the economy- in this case the Medical Industrial Technical Complex- to cut costs, most importantly and likely labor costs.  And these saved costs do not, repeat do not trickle down anywhere.  Nay nay.  They flow up, into executive bonus and large shareholder excess.  Look it up.  Anywho, this article Published on Tuesday, May 20, 2014 by Common Dreams
What’s Missing in Our Profit-Driven Healthcare System? Quality Human Care
Why you should be wary of “FRANK” by Jean Ross, a registered nurse and a co-president of National Nurses United gives some great perspective and of course, in so doing, increases the need for getting back to the drawing board on our health care system, with the goal of getting the profits out of the system altogether.  And note I wrote profits, and not livelihoods.  There’s room and need for many a decent, even lucrative livelihoods to be earned in many cases throughout a single payer not for profit health care delivery system.  That getting to that point from where we are now in our corrupt, predatory, wasteful, and shameful system is not “politically feasible” is one of the strongest arguments we have for having a fundamental core level pro big D Democracy movement in this country.

Posted in Toward a Single Payer Not For Profit Health Care System

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