Posts on the “New Gilded Age” etc…

…there is just so much material out there and that is core to the need for a pro-Democracy in America movement.  The unsustainability of this .1%er style of governance and economic development policy does not stop their hold on ridiculously disproportionate power.  A “real” pro Democracy movement has to address the fundamental issues:

  • How to wrest power from them and transition peacefully to a new and different approach on many levels- “levels, Jerry, levels”- while current arrangements allow and legitimize their concentrated wealth to control almost everything.
  • A peaceful 2nd American Revolution is lynchpin to all that is necessary.  And what could be more revolutionary than peaceful revolution through the framework of Democratic institutions and traditions that have been so egregiously co-opted by the concentrated wealth of the few, their media conglomerate talking heads, and the defacto One party system of staged elections acquiesced to almost entirely by our “bipartisanly corrupted” and the well funded fiefdoms of both of big money’s political parties.

Anyway, as always, there are links to good stuff about “all of these” tings, mon.  This one  gives some stats on just how much of the concentrated wealth of the few is kept from the books that might at least allow a little better tax base for the “public sector” to allay some of the ills of the excessive hoarding by the overprivileged.  That is a word and a concept that needs to be used and incorporated into the common lexicon of what describes what the heart of the problem.  It is greed and self interest on steroids.  It is Adam Smiths oft quoted “All for me and nothing for anybody else” mantra of the “Master of the Universe” class that is indeed the modern day opressor-man of any and all interests that don’t further serve and empwer their ever narrower definition of what can or cannot get done, get made, get distributed- in short what reasons the overall general economy can exist for: to what end and for whose benefits.  The short answer is that if it is not done with them taking their lion’s share cut, or vig, or tribute, or pound of flesh- hell, call it what you will- then it ain’t getting done at all. Period.  End of story.

Posted in Gilded Age Inequality and Its Consequences

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