Studying up still and planning the next phase…

…of the “wading in and just doing it” process.  I had decided in late January to do another quasi run for office as one of the focus points involved in taking the blogging, Web Site, and all related and non related writing public.  For the purposes of the 2014 election cycle that will mean simply doing all the necessary registering and fee payments that is necessary to be a bona fide “Write In” candidate.

All the disclaimers in the world about why I’ll do it this way don’t do justice to the revulsion I feel toward the actual “going into politics” that this move implies and entails.  But it is necessary in order to confront all that I want to confront- and a huge part of that is just how deeply and pervasively the hatred and distrust of politics in general run in so many of us in this country- self included.  And although people from all stripes of the spectrum have this turned off bias, rest assured the reactionary right and big money are best served by voter apathy and citizen disengagement from and disbelief in the Democratic processes and institutions that are supposed to make up “Our Democracy” that is supposed to serve the best interests (the vast majority anyway of) “We the people…”  Instead, of course, the aforementioned reactionary right and big money have subverted such Democratic governance over themselves and their narrow interests and turned the system on the citizens themselves.

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