I never intende…

I never intended to get into politics. But that’s where real change happens.
Jeremy Jones, Champion snowboarder and now climate change activist

Of course, that’s the question: does real change happen in a big money subverted Democracy in a society where more and more money and wealth are in the hands of the upper .1% of the population- and that group is staunch and powerfully reactionary in its opposition to “real change”.  And where any real change that represents the genuine interests of almost all of the “lower 97%”, say, would by all logic and common sense have to fundamentally alter the rigged and gamed system by which the aforementioned top .1% have reaped such ongodly and unsustainable rewards

Jeremy Jones quote http://www.redbull.com/us/en/snow/stories/1331629291663/jeremy-jones-higher-calling

and his organization: http://protectourwinters.org/#sthash.NuZda6ix.dpbs

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