Toward A Pro Democracy in America Blog…

…that’s what all I am doing this break from subbing is.  It’s the same old same old in a way.  But I got to grind out all I can in the right direction.  So here are some thoughts:

  1. Naming the “Real” pro Big D Democracy blog is not a big issue, but I still got to decide on what to call this thing, this terrible thing.  And remember: it can change.  But still, pick one soon that will work for now.
  2. Considering a “Citizen’s Candidacy” for this whatever it is Congressional seat of “ours” now held by Marcy Kaptur, I believe- after they, the Repubes, relieved both Dennis Kucinich and Betty Sutton of their duties as Northern Ohio Democratic Reps.- well that might be the way to have something in the “real” world to build around.  Same as the long ago now virtual Senate forays.
  3. What are some of the main “Categories” or “Issues” to build this thing around:
    1. Money in Politics, Citizens United and beyond corporate and money “personhood” decisions by the Supreme and lesser courts.
    2. The reality that our “Two Party” system is in reality a defacto “one Party System” that has. only one key guiding principle: That the legitimate interests of the vast majority of the citizens of this country cannot be considered at all because they are, to coin  a phrase, “not politically feasible in this climate”.  That is the guiding principle that brought us “Obamacare”- a direct descendant of the Heritage Foundation et. al. crafting of model legislation that the health care industry might, if forced to, go along with back when the Clintons- Hillary in particular, tried to get health care reform back when they were first elected way back when.  The book The System (I will add a link for that book at ASAP) does a great job of telling that story, and it should be a primer for anyone wanting to know how screwed up not only our health care system is but also the “System” that makes sure it can’t be fixed in any meaningful way.
    3. The Absolute need for real Health Care reform that doesn’t beat around the bush.  We need a Single payer, not for profit, universal health care system that puts the delivery of health care at the top of what drives our priorities and outcomes.  It would probably cut in half the costs of delivering higher quality care that we are now getting through our rapacious, disgraceful, egregious, and- oh yeah- for profit at all costs to patients, business,and society in general.  It is probably the biggest issue of all to address in our domestic economy- or at least the one that, if it is addressed, might allow for the confronting at all of some of the others.
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