More email slog-posting for fun and profit…

…Hey, whatever man, in seems to be posting.  so back to the old emails.  And this is going to take time.  But it does need to be done.  Hopefully just staying with it to the extent that this helps in that direction will allow for other progress to osmotically seep right in.  Sooo…

gskialsky comment in NYTimes:  The trans-sovereign corporate oligarchies will never, ever again provide an adequate job base for “middle America” to return to it’s idealized memory niche. As if they ever did. Their basic M.O. and raison d’etre since WW2 has been to get as much government subsidy as possible for their operations while gutting as much as possible from the public sector- mostly because, I think- a strong public sector at any and all levels allows the risk that they, the largest corporate structures themselves, might be governed or regulated in such a way that the needs of the larger population of the nation as a whole might be considered over their bottom lines, largest shareholder returns, and CEO compensation packages.

Socialism for the Rich- and tough Ayn Randian “free market” driven discipline for all the rest of us bozos on their bus (and it has been and remains their bus, even if they wouldn’t be caught dead riding it)… there’s the ticket.

Another Nytimes comment should be viewable here, about Mitch Romney, job creator/destroyer…
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Another NYTimes comment:

Cleveland, Ohio
November 14th, 2011
11:52 am
Obama not bothering to even present a strong case for moving toward single payer or at least a viable public option to the private insurance oligarchy was the second clear indicator (the first being his failure to deliver a massive “new” New Deal to put American workers back into the equation of what the economy is for) that his great achievement was his campaign to mobilize all the individuals and energy that yearned for real change we could believe in and gladly help work toward… and then distance himself from all of that and all of us in order to become the great bipartisan compromiser in chief- and start getting the best deals he could get with a Radical Neocon and now well funded Tea Party nutjob that was in total obstructionist opposition to everything his audacity of hope supposedly stood for in the first place.

And now he will come back to “his base” and try to convince us that now he will really deliver if we only understand that he’s only doing his best given what is “politically feaible”. And think how much worse it would be if he doesn’t get re-elected.

Talk about not effectively spending your earned political capital, a la Sonnie Dubya.

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