Cooking up some Big D Democracy…

…how do “We the people…” do it, anyhow.  Some thoughts or Crots from the old emails…

I am suffering from anomie, alienation, angst, ennui, and a vague sense of despair.  Like always.  Relevant, I don’t need no stinking relevance.

 I may not find it for years in the crazy squalor that is the infrastructure of my household.  I blame the early hippie life choices. The Wild Man
 I hope to be generating a fresh new round of pro Democracy Web content and also hope that you will be the rebellious captalist insider who can at least tell all the rest of us Sheep/Lemmings what the hell is really being done to us by whom and for whose narrowly allocated benefit.  Anonymously of course and for a fair cut of the generated revenues once my house of cards ponzi scheme starts grifting the peeps I claim to be advocating for…
                                                                   Power to the Correct People,
                                                                                     The Wildman
Reminds me of when I was your roadie/groupie in N-Cal back in the day and you had to protect me from Alan Ginsberg’s untoward advances at Club Zayante that time when I was all liquored up on red wine and you gigged and jammed with Dirty Butter and Jill Croston while the Beat Poet Laureate was hitting on sweet innocent trusting drunk me- never suspecting that old Al had designs on da bootie.
Link to an old Krugman BlogPost on the Republican jobs and everything else plan  … and so it still goes… a short quote”
“Anyway, the new “jobs plan” illustrates, once again, the foolishness of believing that we can reach any real bipartisan agreement on economic policy. The GOP stopped thinking a long time ago; all it knows how to do is parrot Reaganite rhetoric over and over. And there’s so little there there that the document — look at it! — has to rely on extra-large type and lots of pointless pictures to bulk it out even to 10 pages.”
And, just in case I try to self publish any book or books about this here little effort:


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