Every day, everyday, everyday…

…every day I write the blog. (with apologies to Elvis Costello)  This is it.  It is the day after Christmas.  The wretchedness of my gambling jones is for the time being going to trend toward dormancy.  I ain’t even saying I quit for all time.  I am just leaving it alone for the time being.  That is the subject matter for a lot of writing on many many levels, perhaps- bet even that can wait for the “real work” to take hold and get me somewhere or vice versa.  For right now though it is, quite simply: “The Winter of Tay Bone… Northeast Ohio Style”- in the interest of not really “keeping it real” but of keeping me here, now, and being on as many cylinders as possible.  So here are some Grammar B Crot Styled Thots (sic) as I do the start-up routine one more time, for the umpteenth time of the umpteenth time.  Or: put another way:  “and again… and again… and again… and again…”  Here are some”

  • Getting back to, “like, the writin’, man” is always paramount.  But I will do that through blog posting like crazy as I study up on Word Press et.al. and move really quickly towards doing all the early transition shit that needs to start happening as I move this all to the “really doing this thing this terrible set of things in the real world”.  The “Daily Thou” is still a good goal but now it will be a part of this beta blog evolving toward the real “Pro Democracy in America” blog that will be one of the main ones of several I plan on having out there for real in the next few months or so.  Here are some other things that go into the “current plan”:
    • I post like crazy on this old blog as I study up on how to really start the next one and utilize WP as best I can.  The goal is for three post daily for the forseable future.
    • I go through all mys stuff and organize it as I do this upgraded frequency of posting.
    • I make a list of contacts to make once I am really operating… the real communicating phase of “all of this” is where it really starts to take form.  That’s when I truly “proceed as the way opens” (borrowing from William Least Heat Moon’s Riverhorse). 
    • The next bit of work I do, after playing a few tunes, will be a compilation and cleanup post from my Emails and maybe some files.

No matter what, though, I have to learn as I go and upgrade my skills quickly as I really do this.

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