Looking at yet another great source site…

…this one truthout.org I think and I am reading from its http://www.truth-out.org/opinion/item/20624-are-economic-royalists-leading-the-us-over-a-precipice which is a book excerpt/review of  Thom Hartmann’s The Crash of 2016: The Plot to Destroy America – and What We Can Do to Stop It…

ALEC also breaks up into committees – or what it calls “task forces.” There are eight of them in total, involving all the same areas congressional committees cover:

• Commerce, Insurance, and Economic Development

• Communications and Technology

• Education

• Energy, Environment, and Agriculture

• Health and Human Services

• International Relations

• Public Safety and Elections

• Tax and Fiscal Policy

Within each ALEC “task force,” both elected legislators and corporate lobbyists are represented equally –  fifty-​fifty. The two sides sit together and then discuss and mark up what they aim to one day make actual legislation, based in large part on what was taught in earlier workshops.”

Yeah, good old ALEC.  The italics were accidental. 

And from Wikipedia, this quick overview of the Powell Memorandum:

Based in part on his experiences as a corporate lawyer and as a representative for the tobacco industry with the Virginia legislature, he wrote the Powell Memorandum to a friend at the US Chamber of Commerce. The memo called for corporate America to become more aggressive in molding politics and law in the US and may have sparked the formation of several influential right-wing think tanks[5] as well as inspiring the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to become far more politically active.

In August 1971, prior to accepting President Nixon’s request to become Associate Justice of Supreme Court, Lewis Powell sent the “Confidential Memorandum” with the title, “Attack on the American Free Enterprise System.” Powell argued, “The most disquieting voices joining the chorus of criticism came from perfectly respectable elements of society: from the college campus, the pulpit, the media, the intellectual and literary journals, the arts and sciences, and from politicians.” In the memorandum, Powell advocated “constant surveillance” of textbook and television content, as well as a purge of left-wing elements.

This memo foreshadowed a number of Powell’s most notable[neutrality is disputed] court opinions, especially First National Bank of Boston v. Bellotti, which shifted the direction of First Amendment law by declaring that corporate financial influence of elections through independent expenditures should be protected with the same vigor as individual political speech. Much of the future Court opinion in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission relied on the same arguments raised in Bellotti.


And from a poet/raconteur sort of guy……Published on Friday, December 20, 2013 by Common Dreams  “Walking in an Anthropocene Wonderland”, ‘But I’ll know my song well before I start singing’   by Phil Rockstroh  http://www.commondreams.org/view/2013/12/20

Some good stuff by this guy.  A little flamboyant and language that seems highly self aware but hey, not bad…

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