Quotes and more from old…

…and now deleted emails.

Anyway, one of my plans for monetizing my creative endeavors is to do an ongoing Browns blog and I think you should co create it with me.  I reckon it this way- you got me, the repatriated local kid, up from the mean streets of the 216 itself… and the erstwhile (sic?) West Coast transplant from the Heartland who bucked his old man’s Steeler loyalties so that he too could just as wrenchingly bleed Cleveland Brown… and what is it getting either one of us.
So, as I proceed apace with this effort to help Chris get her practice up and going and get me to finally “show up and produce” on some level that doesn’t involve egg flipping, tow motors. or wheelbarrows- I will keep in touch and recruit your participation whenever it seems appropriate.
And on that topic- once I am really back operating on all two or three cylinders on my “Gentleman, we’re taking over…” political advocacy Web Site and real world whatever I’d really like for you to contribute your insignts and views and vignettes on the various topics that come up like they did on Game Day Sunday- like Ayn Rand (yep, she was a frail just like you said) or the financial meltdown etc. etc or insurance company power, abuse, and connections to all things disgustingly Bush and Cheney and Diebold in their stench…
And from B.Luke e’s:
And as for me- my activities are of course a little more unfocused and diffuse than that.  I should be coming out with a new Web Site and companion blogs- that’s write, blogs is pluralized- that explain and present what I am doing, like, any day now.  Even if you don’t want to be fully involved in the “Gentlemen, we’re taking over…” phase of what I am proposing I’d certainly appreciate you taking a look at what I am throwing out there into the ocean of cyber advocacy and publishing and for sure if you’d like to be a critic, advisor, or contributor in any way you cared to that would be welcome as well.
          I’ll keep you posted.
 And these here various subject quickwrites, also known as Crots itn the Gradual Postmodern Lit World, will be noted here as different bulleted list items in a, you know, a bulleted list.  So here goes:
  • I more or less revisited an old approach today, with mixed but familiar and somewhat encouraging results.  I came downtown after stopping at my old most favorite bike shop: “Fleet Bikes”, an old school shop started by this guy Al’s father- maybe with him or maybe not- back in the 50’s or 70’s or some such… it don’t matter because the point is it’s so fricking old school and Cleveland Classic- I had him tune up my old Raleigh Grand Prix and Chris’s little Schwinn Mountain Bike that we bought from him for like $45 bucks about two years ago.  Mine had a flat and I brought in a tube.  Anyway, the total- including a new rear tire for me, fixing the front flat, and swapping out Chris’s handlebars fom her old bike that she liked better- they are like beach cruiser bars where you can sit more upright which is what she wants- the total for that waas $38.12.  And I took my first ride, or really second but first semi serious world class athlete ride of the season yesterday and sure enough I got it home and an hour later my rear tire- the one with the new gumwall but old tube- was flat.  So I swung by Fleet Bikes with the bike in the back of the van on my way downtown and Al fixes it for $4., the cost of the tube, and I am a happy rider.  I am going to try and ride a lot more this summer than in recent summers.  Do some light shopping and little errands on the bike.
  • The physical culture side to life has been really pretty good.  Nothing too earth shatteringly fitness building but consistent.  And improving since starting slowly at getting back to regular running in January and February.  So far I have run 15 times in June.  Today is an off day- just active rest with a lot of walking as the active part of that.  I will try to build on that base now and drink less and lose a few more LB’s while I still got summer to work with.  It’s kind of one of them there dichotomys y’all read about.  The physical culture side of life is needed for me to feel good enough to even try to work on the so called creative shit, but the time and effort doing Whirlygigs and the like takes enough time and energy that it’s hard to put enough into the work without it cutting into my drinking, gambling, and just hanging out with my codependent dysfunctional and fairly high maintenance life partner/ wife.  What is a Caucasian to do?  I axe you?
  • This gmail WP seems a little buggy.  The cursor keeps moving seemingly with a mind of its own.  The next and final, or maybe the next to last Crot of this journal letter takes up the whole question of putting in the time necesary for me to get to the point with what I have in mind to do to have a fair shot at actually making something of it- to the point where maybe I can “get a little something for myself” from the efforts.  It will take a big investment in time to just get started, or restarted… as the case may be.  I had to do that with the minutia and infrastructure just of the “Home Base” just as school let out for summer and that took 2 solid weeks of putting fairly consistent hours in everyday.  And some of them was long assed from can see to can’t see type `O Days.  Well that’s what this Blogging and Web Site Building and Real orgainization buiding in the Real World is going to take- even if I never get to actually doing the last part if the first two start to really get somewhere and I can make something of just a mere virtual and writing side to what I am going to be talking about and proposing ought to be done and so forth.  So I feel like this is just the beginning: being at the base o af big assed mountain and not knowing for sure what the best approach is going to be and knowing that too much time screwing around getting started will not leave enough time to get to where you need to get to make it worth doing at all.  And of course, I been here before.  We have all been here before.
  • So I went to this fancy schmancy wedding at this way cool “Old Stone Church” in downtown Cleve.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Old_Stone_Church_Cleveland.jpg  which coincidentally is the church where my old and last Cali girlfriend Adria McCuaig’s uncle was the pastor for quite a few years.  So I say to Chris it would be funny if Adria’s uncle is marrying old what’s there names who are getting hitched up and as soon as the words are out I look up at the walls of the church and there’s this big old plaque about the Rev. Malcolm McCuaig and so on.  Any who.  Also, my late good friend Jimmy Bartel’s widow was there with her new and rather doltish Gentleman Caller- the dude who kept sending her a dozen roses everyday as soon as heard old Jim was a corpseded.  But I didn’t sucker slap him or make a scene in any way and that part of the occasion went fairly kindly but the one thing Susie, the widow, said as soon as she said hi and so forth and awkward pleasantries and introductions were carried out, Susie says, George this is a weird time to bring it up but did you hear about Roger.  so of course the news was that Roger Butler, a one time very close friend but one who for some reason or another- many, actually- had fallen into long term and as it turns out lifelong estrangement from old T-Bone.  But despite how long ago he was a close friend I have been remembering him a lot since hearing the news.  More on old Roger perhaps another time.                                          
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