Part of the point of this blog…

…is to filter and aggregate and then promote and call attention to work being done in the direction of what a real “pro Democracy in America” movement would do.  And obviously, there is that kind of stuff being done by a lot of good people all over the place in lots of ways.  So the writing, the .orgs, the individuals “out there” doing it should be found, helped, thanked, joined, and so on.  But all of them should also be contacted and recruited into some kind of coordinated and better organized effort to really challenge the realities and limitations that mainstream “business and politics as usual” or what can even be imagined in “the present political climate” put on the citizenry, yeah that’s right: “We the people…” can try to do on our own behalf through the Democratic processes and institutions supposedly available to us in this land of the free, home of the brave.

So there are lots of everything out there, good work and people.  Here are some publications and specific articles and writers to put on the big list of who and what to “make contact” with.  Eventually a blogpost like this one will have  a simultaneous contact made to the person or entity being cited, referenced, or thanked for their effort and accomplishments.  Sooo…

There’s “The Progressive” magazine in print and online.  Matthew Rothchild the Senior editor.  I have subscribed and will probably again when I am in the tall fields once again.  Hopefully from the efforts that are beginning to take form here…

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