So many good publications with lots of…

…Pro Democracy content.  Here are a few I will plumb for start-up colleagues and the like:

  •  is described in Wikipedia as “a politically left-wing American magazine, featuring investigative and breaking news reporting on politics, the environment, human rights, and culture.  I will review it intermittently for articles and info of interest to the potential vast grass roots progressive pro Democracy movement that is being called for throughout this blog.  Here’s a good one on the next Farm Bill- sure to be and all around paean to the industrial farm and food oligarchs- along with the “Compassionate Conservatives” food stamp hating “Christian Soldier”.
  • The whole “Next Farm Bill” brings up so much that is core to why a “real” pro Democracy movement needs to take hold in this country.  Another major “category” sized topic, to be sure.  An article from the July-August MJ mag”Gagged by Big Ag”- Horrific abuse. Rampant contamination. And the crime is…exposing it? —By Ted Genoways | July/August 2013 Issue  is an excellent account of the AgriBiz lobbying efforts to stop damaging whistleblowing.  A great quote:

“If you think this is an animal welfare issue, you have missed the mark,” said Amanda Hitt, director of the Government Accountability Project’s Food Integrity Campaign, who served as a representative for the whistleblowers who tipped off ABC in the Food Lion case. “This is a bigger, broader issue.” She likened activist videos to airplane black-box recorders—evidence for investigators to deconstruct and find wrongdoing. Ag gag laws, she said, don’t just interfere with workers blowing the whistle on animal abuse. “You are also stopping environmental whistleblowing; you are also stopping workers’ rights whistleblowing.” In short, “you have given power to the industry to completely self-regulate.” That should “scare the pants off” consumers concerned about where their food comes from. “It’s the consumer’s right to know, but also the employee’s right to tell. You gotta have both.”…and:

“BACK IN SEPTEMBER 2003, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) released a piece of model legislation it called the Animal and Ecological Terrorism Act. Like so many bills drafted by the free-market think tank, AETA was handed over, ready made, to legislators with the idea that it could be introduced in statehouses across the country with minimal modification. Under the measure, it would become a felony (if damages exceed $500) to enter “an animal or research facility to take pictures by photograph, video camera, or other means,” and, in a flush of Patriot Act-era overreaching, those convicted of making such recordings would also be placed on a permanent “terrorist registry.”

Good old smart old ALEC.  Loyal and rabid friend to plutocrat and oligarch.  No limit to their reactionary overreach.  Not without a Resurgent American Democracy (RAD, man) movement.  Google ALEC, my friends- or google “legislation originating from ALEC”.  I said hey, now…

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