While looking for info on the demise of ACORN…

…I ran across an NYTimes article about the videographer who helped kill it, one hotheaded young conservative wing nut:  http://www.nytimes.com/2011/07/31/magazine/stinger-james-okeefes-greatest-hits.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0.  While I find these dude’s abhorrent there is probably a model in his method that should be utilized by any progressive liberal “New Styled Party” as it goes about trying to organize- especially when trying to set up operations in the Red States and the Gerrymandered Congressional Districts that most subvert the Democratic potential of “We the people…”.  Some quotes from the article to illustrate that view:

Rutgers radicalized him. He was incensed by what he considered the political correctness on campus. Soon he began writing biting columns in the college newspaper, The Daily Targum, which caught the eye of Morton Blackwell, the head of the Leadership Institute in Arlington, Va., which he founded 32 years ago. The institute trains young conservative activists and budding journalists (including Ainsley Earhardt and Adam Housley of Fox News). In all, Blackwell says that there are some 90 institute graduates working in local and network news around the country. The institute has also helped establish more than 100 conservative alternative campus newspapers and magazines, and it gave O’Keefe seed money for The Centurion. O’Keefe’s last editorial, “I Have a Dream,” set forth a vision of a college where, among other things, conservative views were respected, Christian tradition was honored and people realized that “guns are no more responsible for Columbine than spoons are responsible for Michael Moore’s obesity.”

This site http://www.newshounds.us/2009/09/15/acorngotcha_activist_hannah_giles_admits_she_had_an_antiacorn_agenda_before_she_knew_anything_about_them.php  bils itself as the “We watch FOX so you don’t have to” site.  all the culture wars stuff related to the O’Keefe type of guerilla right activism is interesting enough, but is not all that germane to my mission.  Other than to advocate emulating their tactics if it seems like they are likely to be effective from the pro Democracy perspective…

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