As I post along I wonder…

…what could go wrong.  I mean: “What, me worry?”…

So here is a video on Tea Party overt racism… gee, d’ya think.  I thought it was only subliminal.

I don’t even want to watch it, but I will.  Later.

Anyway, the posting process is showing me, as it speeds up, how to proceed.  Kind of like William Least Heat Moon’s great mantra from Riverhorse :”Proceed as the way opens.  The fact is that I have a whole lot of links to a whole lot of content, along with a whole lot of people who created that content to contact about what I am proposing in the way of a newfangled pro Democracy in America movement.  I think, as I wade into “all of this, that, and the other” regarding such advocacy and communications regarding it, I should build a static Web Site for that proposed citizen activism and engagement- and fund raise and have the whole outline of “What ought we to do…” and “How ought we try to do it” and so on on that somewhat static (but still an ongoing work in progress as I plod along through what I already have and what I continue to find and produce myself regarding the proposed movement) Web Presence.

Meantime, back at the blog level, I will just keep a running account of what I find as I go back through old links, books, correspondence, articles, anything and everything I have anywhere I find it related to this effort.  And, as I do this more and more consistently that blog will become more and more interactive, I hope, with all the people and .orgs I start to contact to share what I am proposing with in my attempt to create collaborators and allies in the proposed ongoing effort to make a reality of a movement that challenges the fundamental premises and and supposed infallabilities of the current sad state of our business and politics as usual.

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