I t won’t be long, yeah…

…yeah, yeah, yeah…

Till I am working on “all of this” for real.  This work gig has been great on so many levels, but it has slowed my progress on other levels, man.  So I start fixing that with the opportunity of an off day Friday and no commitment at Ronnie’s for the next couple of Saturdays.

Things to do:

  1. Address the clutter and the fall cleaning work and get it done for real in the basement and garage, with an eye toward:
    1. Pricing and boxing stuff for selling next spring and early summer.  Everything that I/We don’t really want to keep goes.
    2. Getting the basement/mancave ready to really be a place to work on the Blog/WebSite as well as a music studio for the making of a record soon and for serious real.
    3. Also having a legitimate workout space in the basement as well…
    4. All with the intend of quitting so much T.V. just cuz that’s how DrCM likes to relax and veg out…
  2. Get the work on the blog and WS really ready to do… one last “readiness is all moment.

Meantime, here is some stuff I have filtered this morning:

A quote From Claire:

“Every single Thursday, I quit something.” – Bob Goff

I think so much mindless T.V. will be my first.  And caring way less about the hapless Cleveland sports teams, especially the Weeden lead Browns would be a good second.

Check out Brandon’s “maybe the worst throw int he history of the NFL” from yesterdays loss to the Lions… never mind.  HOw is that throw not on youtube???


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