After 35 years of constant capitulation…

…and don’t forget appeasement, it is not surprising that the big league voices of the mainstream Democratic Party are talking about how bad the Republican brand is doing and how wrong it is to impugn Obama for not standing up on behalf of the people who got him elected to meaningfully challenge the “business and politics as usual” that is handed down as if by commandments on holy tablets from the ruling plutocracy.

The Democratic mainstream really does simply use the fear of how bad the really really big boys could make it for all of us “indiginous bozos on their bus” if we dare to ask (politely, I guess- hand in hat) for any sort of meaningful social, economic, and political Democracy to be legislated or policy planned for through our, you know, Democratic institutions and traditions.  We know that the business right coalition that champions the will of the .1 per centers with the ongoing triune god of tax cuts, privatization, and deregulation- along with healthy doses of NeoCon nut job foreign policy (all to the same ends) and fundamentalist social policy baiting and evangelical fervor toward some sort of mythological “American Exceptionalism” IE we are the Empire Force For Global Good… we know they have been bringing all the rest of us the fruits of that approach for the better part of 35 years.

But the Democrats are quick to defend their turf with nothing but milquetoast alternative policy approaches and tell us how much worse the alternative will be if we don’t keep backing their head of the two headed monster that the defacto one party system has become.  So, no public option in health care reform, let alone a universal single payer National health care system that is the only thing that will “reign in” the runaway system of rapacious abuse and profiteering greed that is shameless and only getting worse.  I guess they figure if the current system can at least hold on until the baby boomers mostly have died out there will be some serious killings to be made for another generation or so and then maybe, in a less profitable time as far as generational demographics is concerned, we can revisit health care reform.  And the industry “leaders” can let us know again then what kind of legislation they will allow to be considered, and what is not considered politically feasible now might be politically feasible then.

And think how much worse things might become if we dare to suggest considering more legitimately Democratic solutions to the great issues of our time.  Nay nay- that might, according to some Democratic strategists, cause the oligarchic plutocratic .1 per centers to stage a more directly recognizable coup than the one we are living in the glory of already.

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