Perhaps a great find…

…libraries can be a lot like Hank’s character said- the proverbial box of chocolates.  I may have stumbled upon a book and writer that might be very helpful. is her blog and I will follow her a little bit as I am shecking out the book.  My delusions of grandeur seem more acute when I see the accomplishments of some in my age cohort (more or less, give or take a decade or so either way).  But now is all that I can do anything about and the fact is, I have pursued the whole life long learning bit on various levels for quite awhile, and like old J.D. I have continued to write throughout, to an extent.  So I will just see if I can finally break out of my little claustrophobic world, mindset, and productivity zone.

“Sometimes, after journeying far—into the world, into yourself—the only thing that can save you is a good, whole soul.”      -Beth Kephart-

Then there is my old friend K.Bake- no names please…  does she blog.  She must.  Let’s see, shall we?  Not much.  Have to contact her when I am operational and see.  Personal relationships of any kind are harder and harder to maintain or rekindle though.  But K.Bake and I were good friends at one time…

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