Again, the readiness is…

…becoming all.  Sooooo…….

Here are some brainstormed thoughts on things to think about remembering:

  1. Decide for real on what to call this thing, this terrible and awesome thing you are proposing “We the people…” do to save our Democracy, Union, and ultimately the freedom of most of us to pursue life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  The name is the thing, wherein we might just challenge the king and royalty making be all end all power of overly concentrated money and wealth in our politics, our economy, our culture, and the soul of our society.
  2. Set up a Pay Pal account to serve as a temporary escrow account for the early stages of funding efforts.  Or some damn thing like it.  Check out ally bank…
    1. Obviously, the mechanics of what I might need to do later gets in the way of doing what I haven’t done yet and need to do first anyway.
    2. I still need to just post more frequently, slog through “my work” as I do, post more, and then fairly soon start the real deal blog and Web Site.  Then start communicating regularly with anyone and everyone appropriate, and do the twitter for good and Facebook promotional components of “start-up” activities, and then start actively seeking developmental funds for what it is you are proposing in the real world.  For the prototype field/virtual organizing office.
  3. Then, it’s franchise time, with uh great vigor, Brews…
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