Still going through re-aclimitization (sic) to a new…

…as in “real” approach to taking this whole thing out and getting it started.

Now I am at least learning as I go and working on this daily.  I will still need a real surge at some point to truly break on through and all- but this has been a good week of getting back on task with (he waves his hand with index finger pointed up in an all encompassing circle) “all of this”.

I will, in the future, probably compose posts in Word simply to make my Formatting the way I am used to liking it.

For today, I am looking at this book The Party is Over- How Republicans Went Crazy, Democrats Became Useless, and the Middle Class Got Shafted. comparison shoping link:, and their blurb review:

About This Book: Title: The Party Is over: How Republicans Went Crazy, Democrats Became Useless, and the Middle Class Got Shafted

Publisher Notes
The New York Times ?bestselling manifesto about America?s broken political system and how it got that way Mike Lofgren was once a proud Republican. When he came to Washington in the early 1980s, the party was controlled by what was mostly a rational group of people with a basic grasp of economics and foreign policy. So what happened since then? How did the party of Lincoln become the party of lunatics? After some thirty years in Congress, Lofgren, exasperated by the circus of the debt-ceiling debate, stepped down from his position on the Senate Budget Committee in disgust in 2011. Written by a refreshingly skeptical insider, The Party Is Over is an electrifying manifesto for the growing number of Americans who are appalled by our politicians and fed up with their pandering to corporate interests. Wry, trenchant, and highly persuasive, Lofgren offers clear suggestions for how to break through the gridlock and reverse political dysfunction in Washington.Industry Reviews
“[A] fast-moving, hard-hitting, dryly witty book-length account of the radicalization of his party, the failures of Democratic rivals and the appalling consequences for the country at large. Like the essay that inspired it, it is forceful, convincing and seductive. . . .”

I don’t know if I can get to into it, a 30 year Re-pube Congressman who I guess it took thigns getting to the Tea Party fringe for him to see the general drift of his party since about the time he first went to Washington.  The triumverate of:

    • Tax cuts (mostly for the wealth and the largest corporate interests);
    • Deregulation- eventually almost crazily so for the financial sector, which lead directly to our jobs free recovery (and more and more our jobs free overall economy); and,
    • Privatization of any public sector entity which the crony capitalists can make a quick easy buck on in the process… with the concommitant gutting of funding for anything else “public” that isn’t lucrative enough to privatize.  Which of course leads to possibly the forth let in their tripod of “principles”:
    • The busting of unions and the decimating of any labor or worker rights or protections.  Ditto for the environment.  Remember Jim Watt.  And the early Dick Cheney.  Yeah, sane rational adults in the room.  Compared to the nutjobs of today they may have been a shade of redstate better, but come on now…
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