“…the danger …

“…the danger for a writer of cutting himself off from new experience. Of course many novelists draw on their own childhood and youth, some of them repeatedly, but denying yourself new experience limits what you can do, and may limit the appeal of what you write. Ploughing old ground time and again doesn’t often make for a rich harvest.”
-Allan Massie –

From his blogpost on the expected release of new works by J.D. Salinger  http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/culture/allanmassie/100070570/jd-salingers-posthumous-publications-may-well-be-duds-but-nothing-will-diminish-the-catcher-in-the-rye/ .

Like so many alienated American kids/ post adolescent baby boomer (and maybe beyond that demographic) lit guys and girls I am curious, but not overly so.  I saw one of his biographers on Colbert the other night and he said Salinger helped liberate a concentration camp during WW2 and he never left that camp.  That makes me more sympathetic toward his obsessive reclusive behavior as a writer and celeb hero of my youth.

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