Getting back to nearing a real start-up point…

…and that’s O.K..  I mean, it don’t matter what has or hasn’t happened till now.  Here are a few points to where i am at with things:

  1. Inspite of all advice against it I will be starting my main Web Site on using my old outdated FrontPage 2000 software.  I just want to put together the content and I don’t want another learning curve to get my content management skills up to snuff.  As I use my site as my main blog or set of blogs that I link back and forth to from the main ( for now) Web Site I might come to a place where makes sense to switch over to as my main CMS (content management system) for the future and at that point I may be mining what I have at that for the New.2 or New.3 overall Web Presence.
  2. The big thing is to just get back to work and scramble back to feeling that I am ready to roll.  That means writing, editing, and slogging on back to some level of cinteredness about what I have in mind.

In any event, I have a better head about the end of summer… summers almost gone… state of things than I did last summer.  I feel pretty positive.  Just gotta show up and produce is all.

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