From Ralph Nader’s blog…

“In the U.S., the healthcare industry’s rocketing costs and inferior outcomes (especially for those without health insurance), its exclusion of tens of millions of Americans from coverage, its inability to learn from others, its gouging profiteering and frequent subordination of patient wellbeing by insurance and drug companies assure that superior procedures… are largely ignored.”

Quoted from  …for the whole article on the “Shouldice” method and to see what “the citizen who should have been elected President” is up to.  I’m glad that he is alive and thinking and contributing as always.

If our Democracy functioned in a manner that served the best interests of its citizens his voice would be heard more and heeded routinely. But hey, that is not politically feasible “in this climate”, so let’s pass Obamacare in the first two years of the worst economic meltdown since The Great Depression because it’s the only option the giant Medical Industrial Complex (Big Insurance, Big Pharma, High Profit “Not For Profit” Hospital conglomerates, Wall Street will allow.  Talk about surrendering before you fight the good fight.  But that’s Obama, that was the Clintons (Good bye Glass Steagall, good bye welfare as we know it, but most important to them: Hello Hillary in 2016), and for the most part, that is the modern Democratic Party: always the appeasement oriented loyal opposition- even when they’re somewhat in power- to the “shock and awe” hard NeoCon right that has hijacked our Democracy on behalf of the elite interests of the very few beneficiaries served by “business and politics as usual”.  IE gridlock, bipartisanship, compromise on minutia, and the ongoing denial of the real issues we should be working to confront legitimately…

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