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Slogging on down… I actually saw an online writing course that sounded like it would be good for me to take.  And then, of course, it filled right up and is unavailable for now, for the time being.  Next time it becomes available I will hem and haw and hand wring about whether it is worth the two and a half medium it’ll set me back to take it.  I probably will.  I need a little structure to my efforts.  Know what I am saying???

One of the things that their info-lit said that caught my fancy is that you’ve got to get rid of the clutter in your overall life and especially creative space to help get over the insanities that lead you to want to write in the first place.  Buoy (sic), did that ever resonate.

So for the remainder of this weeks (another one of them there Freudian slips I meant to say weeks but actually started to type “weaks” which I realize is just a spelling Freudian- and then I spelled that term “Fredian”, as in “Fredian’s deadian… that’s what I saidian”) efforts I will largely just address clutter, first here at my basement/semi mancave desk and recording studio and also around “Mi Little Rancho” as I bravely expand out from my little shell down here in the misty musty depths of The Melgrave Compound. 


Sooo… things I am coming across, if they merit comment:

A book review in the Pee Dee by a fellow JMH alumni who had, coincidentally been up at Ronnie’s when Effin’ Petey and Cooney were all up doing hired hand day laborer type of shit and this guy sort of offended us.  We considered pantsing him but I spoke on his behalf and finally Pete, who was the most offended by the dude’s tone agreed to leave him being, reverting to his more street urban days as he says “I oughta pop a cap in his ass for how he just was but omelet that slide.”  Anyway the book in question that lawyer dude reviewed was Useful Enemies by Richard Rashke which you can check out for purchase and some reviews at http://www.allbookstores.com/book/compare/9781883285517  which is my favorite book buying and “sheck it out” site I’ve found.  I will, in fact, see about their affiliates program soon as I am going through all my book lists and “core curriculum” type of stuff early on.

Rashke’s book talks about Nazis- some high ranking guys- who were embraced for various reasons into the U.S. post war and then Cold War apparatus.  The review recalled for me different things I’ve come across over the years that were of a similar tone.  I remember reading something by Noam Chomsky about how the U.S. used high ranking Nazi SS dudes to help us go after resistance operatives that had been our Allies and a great help in our war efforts in a number of European countries after the war was over.  Because after all, the resistance was made up of much to much leftist, anarchist, Democratic, subversive, socialist, pinko commie types to allow to have mush sway in the post war Europe the U.S. was instrumental in getting back on its feet.  And according to Chomsky what that amounted to was basically re-installing the pre war largely fascist power structures that largely ruled the European and “global” imperial economies which after the war the US was largely inheriting the “bull goose loonie” title of master of and major defender of those structures.

  And of course another pipeline to safety and post war recovery for many high ranking Nazis who avoided Nuremberg or worse as the war was ending was to make it to some Latin American Rightist haven and incorporate their high level administrative, security, and governing skillsets into the local dirty war type of suppression of local and indigenous “pro Democracy movements” in that area of U.S. interests did not want to allow.

As I expand this “Category” I will go back to and find new sources for some of the reasonably well documented accounts and history of some of this.  I don’t know what all the truth of all of these matters is, obviously.  But accurate truthful history of what US policy its consequences has been and continues to be needs to be, and often times seems to be far from, and ongoing part of the debate about what we are doing and what we may want to consider doing differently.

Another subject that this recalls here in muggy soggy Ohio is how the Ohio conservative forces at the statehouse level and with a Republican governor signing off on it closed down several PHD programs in History fairly recently- like maybe from the mid 90’s to the mid oughts… and coincidentally these PHD programs were deemed too radical and anti American to be allowed to be funded at State University x, y, or z in this fair Buckeye state.  The heat of it all an all.  So they were fairly quietly closed down.  If the truth is not what the Business Right hard line conservative bible thumping gun toting powers that be want to here or don’t believe in their insular ignorance to be “the truth”- then by god it won’t be allowed to be told, or taught, or studied- leastways not on our fair red bricked State U. campuses.

This is a subject that would make a great PHD dissertation, eh?


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