This is at the heart of the money in politics matter…

I live in Ohio now.  The heart of it all and all.  In 2012 Republican candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives got roughly 52% of the overall statewide vote and Democrats got roughly 48%.  But thanks to the gerrymandered redistricting of the Republican Statehouse and Governor that relatively narrow margin was parlayed into Republicans winning 12 of Ohio’s 16 seats in Congress.  Gone are Kucinich and Betty Sutton, two long serving and reasonably progressive “good Democrats”.

And this trend was in someways worse nationally, as this article describes.

Undermining and subverting Democracy, by an and all means available, has been the only hope of the ongoing reactionary Right’s holding onto power.  But they are so far quite successful in doing so.  Misinformation, false advertising, the ongoing efficacy of the “right Wing Noise Machine”, and voter suppression by many quasi legal methods passed by Republican State Houses and signed into “law” by Rupert Murdoch or Koch Brother surrogate governors (I.E. Ohio and Wisconsin, respectively) have thwarted any progressive or liberal or intelligent approaches to our very legitimate challenges to navigate the choppy waters of our collective predicament(s).  

The Audacity of Hope that Obama represented 5 short years ago now is like a bitter pill stuck our craws.  And although the blocking of any meaningful change doesn’t make the Republican agenda any more popular or legitimate, it doesn’t seem to matter all that much. Virtually unlimited reserves of Right wing money will see to it that more voter suppression laws are passed.  And in addition to that, more poor and minority voters will lose their voting rights to draconian and intentional “war on drugs”/”law and order”/”tough on crime” enforcement strategies.



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