Anticipating the week ahead…

…and what I need to make happen in the next week.  Soooo…….

  1. The focus has to be on the slog through all my shit and getting ready for the real launch of “all of this”.  While going through and either making “real” posts on this beta blog I also want to be:
  2. Playing more with this theme and studying and learning the WP software better.  As I experiment and create some content while I’m learning I need to remember that any quality material or posts that I come up with can be imported into the real hosted blog for the Pro Democracy in America entity that this is moving toward.  At least some of this.
  3. Any other writing plan or book proposal or script treatment that comes to mind while doing this preliminary work needs to be organized as I go as well.  This week needs to get me to the brink of all of what’s needed to actually be doing the real deal by the following Wednesday, July 17th- the day after we get back from our two nighter to Presque and the Mosquito Lake State Park campground that has the dog park with a lake that the boys should enjoy big time.
  4. Those are the basics of it all.  But i need to decide on a name for the blog and the pro Democracy in America movement.  Whatever form in the real world this thing might or could evolve to and toward it needs now to have a name, a brand, a structured identity or definition to what it is and what its intended purpose is.  And then start calling out to anyone and everyone that you think it’s appropriate to call out to for help in bringing this thing into existence.
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