Today is the symbolic starting up in the real world day…

It’s the 4th of July, 2013. This marks the official sliding, staggered, and staggering start to my proposed pro Democracy in America movement. I am close to leaving the stress and angst of what I am trying to do behind for a just plow ahead JDI approach.
I have found this handy dandy free tool to help organize all the sites I’ve found that I want to contact to let them know what I am proposing. So that makes the next phase of what I have to do plain enough: write a brief abstract let’s call it of what is it I am going to be doing, and proposing that many of us, many of “We the people…” who might get on board with the “EPGTDS” descriptions and ideas for a framework of activism and start making it happen.
So as I am figuring out WP a little better, the overall statement of purpose and corollary “Request For Support” and “Call to the Wild at Heart” for allies in the effort… those can be crafted and posted here on the trial WP blog.
I will go through all my stuff on my hard drive and links and old school notes and journals to get my self organized and efficiently operational on the creative levels involved. I might take that course that is now closed, of course, that CDO shilled my way. Bless her heart. And I will concurrently start organizing my old photos and digital images. And of course, start recording some tunes- Freudian slip I started to write tunes but typed out tumes which of course is a misspelled version of tombs, Brew.
And by Labor Day, I want to be really operating in real time in the real world on some level or another on “all of this”. Again, levels, Jerry. Levels.

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