…I meant to say “morning” session.  No matter.  Just a learning and playing with the WP toy session.  Some “Crots” then, perhaps?  Grammar B it is.  Grammar B indeed…

  1. I have more than stumbled a little bit out of the gate.  And that’s O.K..  And there really has been some progress.  That’s what I build on.  The SOT-B,HS still has 5 weeks to go before the east coast swing.  And a couple two tree weeks till labor day after that.  The informal start-up of the real world EPGTDS is today-tonight-and on into tomorrow.  That way it is “Born on the 4th of July”- which seems appropriate.  And “Labor day” is the deadline for everything to be really operational and happening with, like, my work on this thing, this terrible thing, on all its many levels.  Levels, Jerry.
  2. Can’t have a one without a two.  Right right right.  After a quick Pee Dee perusal (I waste far too much time on that miserable little daily mainstream missive- but let’s face it, I am from the era of Newspaper Readin’.  The Times, both La La and Nigh… the Post, Globe, Enquirer, Chronicle, Tribune, Barb, Voice, Free Times… the “Masters of the Universe’s own “Journal”.  So many have given me something to distract myself with over coffee and during  the early portion planning stages of facing oh so many looming days.  But that is all part of living off the grid for the most part… much more on that later.


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