This is just a blip in the road…

…so I ain’t ready to give up. And obviously I am not putting in the necessary time to get past the heaviness of trying to finally start. Let’s face it, I am lost again in the ozone of everyday life and minutia. Not to mention inertia. Get moving… run muchacho, run.

And the fears and reality surrounding the ongoing experience of the aging process is something that is never going to go completely away. Leastways not until I do.

The writin’, music, and image/photography work is the heart of what I want to accomplish something with- along with the concomitant Web Presence related to all of them and ongoing communications with the general world out there as well as many very specific individuals- both from among people I have known and been tight peeps with and folks I don’t know but who seem to be potential allies, collaborators, or supporters of what I am proposing as far as the “Call to the politically Wild at heart” for a “Pro Democracy in America Movement” that at least some- probably a good portion, of what my ongoing writin’ efforts have been about- at least so far.

I wouldn’t mind or rule out a whole lot of other writin’ possibilities surfacing on all kinds of other topics and areas- but they will often be at least somewhat related to the core of what has driven me all my life as far as the need for something completely different than the options afforded “We the people…” by mainstream American business and politics as usual.

But I don’t know for sure about who should be contacted or what I should say in particular to anyone.  I just know that I should, need to , and want to break out of this little world mindset I feel trapped in much of the time.  And the effort to actually make real communications and contacts with all the people I come up with to write these very real and personal letters to is scarey to a point.  After all, the point of what I am doing is not to have flareups with friends like the infamous one several years back with the eponymously Scarey one.

A lot of people are quite apolitical by choice and given the right wing background “noise” of the “kultchuh” a level of redneck “ugly Ameircana” exceptionalism has crept into their world views so that it is hard to communicate with them about anything “real” or important about what I think and how I feel about shit at this point.  Shit that I have thought about almost non stop since first getting exposed to “the truth” about post WW2 American policy and hegemonic posturing way back when I was dating that tremendously cute Jodie S. in Jr. Hi..  Thems was days, cher.

Right on.  Power to the correct people.  “Elections… there will be no elections.  These people are to ignorant to vote.”

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