So, yes, I read Krugman in the NYTimes…

He’s good.  He’s very good.  Today’s column and comments are typical and I should definitely get a short term online subscription once I am for real up  and operational and then consistently comment and communicate with the commenters I have come to admire and always read with interest.  At some point, there has to be a legitimate movement toward restoring our basic Democracy and citizen control over things.  Just repeating over and over again different takes on what the lunacy of the problems with the status quo are- regardless of how accurate or poignantly poetic or what not those takes are- is not going to change the fact that our own American Democracy has indeed already been subverted and hijacked by a “Business and Politics as usual” real world virtual coup that benefits a smaller and smaller segment of the population… IE the still holding on middle class and better… even as an ever expanding portion of the loot from the “Real-economique” of this corrupted political policy charade we are stuck with (for now) goes more and more to the top .1%er’s and their well compensated 7%ers- the only people I guess that have actually recovered fully from the Great Recession, the great and ongoing Recession

I’m not saying that everyone in the bottom 93% are still suffering overtly the ongoing indignities of less secure lives, environs, and futures- but the obvious reality is that ongoing and intensifying wealth redistribution into the hands of the wealthiest makes it less and less likely that any investment, or “game”  will be allowed to be played except for the ones that are already rigged the way they are for the results they are to the benefit of you know who- the Mitch Romneys of the world and their high level operatives and henchmen.

Of course, that isn’t the whole story.  There are good people doing good work all over the place.  And bless their hearts and the hearts of their happy children.  But not enough is being mixed around throughout the levels and classes of our economy and culture to be judged or deemed even remotely acceptable, just, fair, or, perhaps most importantly, sustainable.  We do indeed need a new path with heart towards and into our collective futures- and it starts with a legitimate and widespread peaceful Democratic uprising that challenges, neutralizes, and eventually supercedes the aforementioned “business and politics as usual” .

It is not necessary to tear everything down.  We don’t need a brand new Constitution… though perhaps a couple two tree well thought out new Amendments to our Constitution might well be one of the several necessary fronts to start on.  But the big thing is, this is what “We the People… need to make common cause to undertake:

We need to get on the ROAD… the R.-imagining of O.ur A.merican D.emocracy Road.  Get it?  The R.O.A.D., man.  So, with a little tip of the hat and grateful nod to Kerouac, the Beats, and all the Desolation Angels and Working Class heroes of the counterculture and, hell, to every hung up person in the whole wide universe- we need to get on that road, or path with heart, to creating something different that allows for the peaceful transition to a fundamentally new and different way.  Toward Cactus Ed Abbey’s ephemeral and somewhat whimsically undefined: “Something Completely Different…” 

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