Finally getting restarted with the SoT-b, HS…

It’s like this. I have to work this slow and steady and work out the kinks of what I am going to really try and do “with all of this” and learn WordPress well enough on this beta blog and make the necessary transition to the full blown effort and a more “serious” blog and overall Web Presence as I get to where I want to go.

I am going to read the books and study up on help and start going through my writing and files etc. to make this move, finally, to doing what I have ruminated over doing or not doing a good chunk of my so called adult life. is the woman who wrote “Twitter For Good” and then there is the other book on, you know, digital royalty…
As I am reading in Claire’s blog I am thinking of my start-up date being in about 2-3 weeks at which time I will either go back to hostmonster and host my pro Democracy blog there or maybe switch to this $6.95/month one she reccomends… I’ll have to see whether it matches hostmonster on other levels and maybe read some reviews of both… checking now… going to post this now and see how the links publish

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