The Summer of T-Bone, Hawaiian Style…

I have made a decision that will be a wise one, I think, as SOTB,HS looms ever closer.  No major change of plans but here it is, or here they are- the components of the new approach:

  • The total obsession with doing the big sale is off.  I will still do all the preliminary work to getting a good sale and swap meet thang going, IE I will go through everything, price all that I deem worth selling, spring clean, organize the minutia and infrastructure of me me me and the whole nine yards… and place ads for any big ticket items like the ladders that it makes sense to… but shit, Brew, I can already feel my groove being harshed and my mojo being thrown off its feed right at the beginning of me supposedly finally being ready for serious this time to finally show up and produce on all of my, like, work and creative shit that that tall order entails.
  • Sooo… I’ll do what I can that will move in that direction because no matter when I have the big weekend sale or try the swap meet for the first time the big deal is the writin’ and related other stuff I want to be-a-doin’.  But a major personal space re-organization is still an immediate necessity.  But chill… do what you have to do to have some summer get togethers and fun while not feeling, well, insane about my home environs and space and all… that’s it though- otherwise the mad obsession needs to be, like, my werk (sic).

And of course, the initial blogging and going through and organizing of my writin’, music, and image inventory along with pursuing a true nirvana seeking health and fitness regimen are the things I want to really be putting balls to the wall energy into this SOTB-HS.  Not like last year, when everything else held sway over what my true priorities needed to be for my own sanity’s sake- and look what happened: I nearly went half mad.  “Oh no Mr. Robinson, it’s all baked…”

So that’s the snorkus.  I’ll do my best on all fronts, but the sale being the biggest priority as summer looms now so close is idiotic and sets me up for the same kind of distracted regret as all of that which I just referenced, so, later for all that.  

And the point of this beta blog is for me to blog super regular and consistent like never before as I learn the ropes and WordPress and actually do it with this one on whatever levels it’s appropriate and then switch it over to whatever the organizing and advocating one evolves to… as I continue to proceed from here as the way opens.  And I can have as many separate blogs as I want as part of all the directions my writing and communication efforts take me.  So if this one starts out as just a beta no one sees and I end up doing a personal one for friends or whatever all that matters is that I really stick to it this time till it leads to somewhere- whether that’s into the bush or outta the bush.  Know what I am saying???

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