Reassessing progress and what to do when and how…

I don’t give up on this effort to get all my work organized and unconstipated and moving forward on all levels.  Levels, Jerry.

But I have to try to relax and just breathe into the process of doing that, creating whatever comes from the effort, and not letting it stop me from being “Free Range T-Bone at his best” as I go about my business of still pursuing the artful engagement of “la Pura vida” because it is just life, baby, just life.  With all the terrifying ups and downs that are indeed there if you bother to you let yourself notice along with the uncertainty of all the finiteness surrounding, you know, said life.

So just do it as best you can day in and day out and it will work out.  It’s inside and it’s got to come out.  Let the buoy (sic) boogie woogie…

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