Slogging on down…

Whatever does this mean?

But at least this part is clear.  I can just indent the paragraph beginning like this here and then move on in the post.  But then it doesn’t post write.  Next I am going to try and paste part of a word.doc and see how that looks… in fact, I think I will do it now…

Thursday, December 27, 2012, 10:15 AM.

Well, like it or not getting started for real and making something finally happen with “all of this” entails the excruciating reality of getting my own shit organized my own house in order.  So whilst I am doing that, I will keep on with the type type typing and peck peck pecking at this journal and try to lay the groundwork for all that I want to do with all aspects of the creative, musical, and techno-gizmo shit I want to have working efficiently ASAP.  I mean: yesterday I felt good that I got some writing done, played some music, and actually worked two legitimate “sessions” in addition to dealing with the big snow.  And I want to match the success today while paying some bills, writing some checks to the Illinois brood, getting the dogs out to the park, and doing some light shopping… checking out Natures Bin, and so forth.

12/27/20126:51 PM

There’s no doubt that the correspondence piece to my writing will play a big roll in me getting my jams kicked out.  And there are some people who I should send long detailed letters to about what I’m a fixin’ to do with all of this.  But that list is a short one:

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