Right now it’s a struggle getting started…

…but that is always the case, so…

I will resume my experimenting and post some compilation bon mot crap from some word.docs again just to see it in the blog.  That might be a good way to go, but I’m not so sure, really.  Here goes

Going just a little bit into an old word.doc and I start finding stuff.  There is so much going on, and yet the rightward drift and the intensifying and suffocating reality of oligarchic globalist rule- backed by the Neo-Con American exceptionalist Military… what are we going to do about it.  To start with I will just go through all my myriad files and saved emails to myself from work over the years since I started subbing and see what I can come up with… some kind of organizational structure and plan for my own work and the proposal of something coherent that  a new Organizational and Educational Political entity can do to try to start having an impact on the sorry start of our eroding Democracy right here in America and how that eroded and more and more suppressed state of our Democracy leaves the American people with less and less effective control over their own Government., political leadership, and so on and on and on it goes.

But that’s part of what is so hard about getting started again.  It is a huge and complex world.  There are no simple solutions, no jingoistic truth to light the way to “the path with heart that we should get onto so that we can proceed more harmoniously to our collective futures”.  But that is no excuse for “staying the course” and continuing on the failed unsustainable course that our current co-opted Corporatized citizen post Citizens United Koch brothers addled faux Democracy has us on.  That we need something quite fundamentally different is obvious to many of us but we don’t seem to have the unified will or vehicle to meaningfully effect the course we are on.  And that leads to a despair of inevitability that only enhances the manipulative power of the Right wing Super PAC’s and their smarmy shameless operatives. 

Now back to that there word.doc from the past…

www.movetoamend.org is already doing some of the organizing that I’d like to see around one aspect to the issue of money corrupting our Democracy- too much.  and there is more to it than  just undoing the Citizens United damage and ongoing consequences.  We need more than incremental opposition to the Right Wing hijacking of our Democracy.  An anecdotal example (often the best kind, although they do need to be backed up by “the science, man” whenever possible) of just how good they have done us is to look at the Ohio congressional voting and results of this most recent 2012 election.  In Ohio, a pretty polarized but roughly 50-50 swing state as far as Red-Blue/ Left-Right tendencies in our electorate, Republicans got 52% of the votes cast statewide for our now measly 16 Congressional seats up  for grabs as they always are every two freaking years… and Democrats got the 48% the Repubes didn’t get.  With a few odd fringe votes going to “other” candidates and write ins and the like.

But the Republicans with ongoing hard right Gerrymandering over the years but an especially obvious, ugly and vitriolic for this post 2010 Census era- will send 12 Representatives to the House and the Democrats only four.  And gone is my own Democratic maverick Congressman Dennis Kucinich- and, love him or hate him or indifferent toward him as you might lean, he was one of the few strong and consistent voices against the Dual Headed defacto one party system that more and more does not even come close to even considering, let alone effectively delivering on, the interests and needs of the vast majority of the citizens of this country- in Red States as well as Blue states.  He and Betty Sutton, two of the better Democrats from Northern Ohio were effectively kicked out of Congress by Democracy suppressing chicanery… with malice aforethought. 


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