First morning post out back with the dogs…

How did I mess this heading up??? And That’s a good Thing, or is it really?/?

Fine.  Don’t care.  I am learning and the dogs are playing nice.  So last night I just read in the Dummies book and it helped with some early questions I had.  And it is in keeping with my new total  immersion approach.  And in looking over the thing about what to blog about, well, that is not an issue for old T-Bone but still, a few thoughts on how all of this effort might yet still come together, you know, in my lifetime, are in order.  so to that end:

  • Not “really doing this finally” is bad for my health.  For shizzle.  I have been reading on and studying on what the various types of “lying smiling bastards” have been up to for pretty much my whole quasi adult life and they need to be opposed, stopped, etc. etc..
        • Not that I can do that- especially not alone, which brings me to the writing, blogging, Web Site on Hostmonster, and eventual use of all social and communications technology available even to me, just “a guitar strummer from Lubbock, Texas…” (with apologies to Willie, after whom we named our new puppy, also Willlie.
        • So, here’s Willie:
        • Our Willie:
        • Obviously, images in the blog is going to take some work;
      • But the whole point of bothering to do this is to embrace the possibilities of where pursuing the creative approaches to life might take me, and to continue living in a way where I’m still feeling like I’m in the got dam prime `o my life, at least to a point, for as long as I can maintain adequate mojo to, you know, pull that little con off.  But then, like I always say, life is a con game, ultimately.

Time to see what I have wrought.

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