From “Old School Start-up Journal, Take: Infinity Symbol” dated Weds. 5/30/12…

… old school meaning handwritten, or printed, actually, in a spiral notebook… but that’s for engineers…

I like to think that I have “Mastered the art of living”- meaning that I know how to relax, appreciate the “Miracle of Life” as it unfolds, to live in the moment… and I have, to a point.

But my anger and frustration levels simmer, and the best solution or cure for that is, I think, to apply myself more peace-ably on a number of fronts, but to do so unhurriedly, more serenely than I have of late- or ever really.  I know the basic areas of life I need to put my energy into in this somewhat new manner; but just for review I will Crot down, Grammar B style, some that come to me as I am clearing off the surfaces in this crazy assed man’s room- oh, wait- this is my room.  But here are a couple anyway, for starters- and again: Crot styled:

  • Crot#1: Relax as you proceed apace from here to discover just where it is that William Least Heat Mean’s literary, mythical, ethereal, maybe unfindable “way” opens.  If it indeed does for you.  And I’m not still making this ongoing though oftentime lapsed effort just for health purposes, but I am sure, pretty sure anyway, that my blood pressure will plummet dramatically if I do this here relaxing thang.
  • C#2: I need to get back to some of my NoCal and countercultural “off the grid” roots, and, you know, just breathe into everything- all of it- that I try to put my heart and soul into this looming “Summer of T-Bone.  Which of course I see as a last ditch chance for me to finally get myself together and “pull something off”- and yes: “bail myself out.”  And, too, maybe as important as any of `em… “Get a little something for myself” as far as having a few nickles to rub together is concerned.
  • But more than any of that above goes I really just want to have something meaningful and harmonious to do with my remaining time and life as I hopefully continue to continue to live on from this point and, gulp, get a little older and slower… but in a good way.  There is a good way, right?
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