About betatboneblog…

betatboneblog is, as the name implies, the beta version of what I am intending to do with “my work”- or at least that portion of my work that is going to transmorgrify into the “Pro Democracy in America” advocacy Blog that will be an ongoing log of what I find, come across. stumble into- and most importantly- what I actually start to do in that direction.  A lot of it will just entail me coherently organizing all my old writing, files, saved links, and any other material that I have horded over the years with this “Pro Democracy in America” effort in mind.  It will include many books and Web Sites and writers and articles- and people in general- that have influenced and inspired my thinking as it has evolved to me finally making this “Call to the Politically Wild at Heart” in this country- which calls on fellow citizens who agree with what I am proposing here and in other related media: that “We the people…” of this land and country organize together to take back, re-assert, re-invigorate, and re-imagine the very Democracy that we take for granted but that is and has been at risk all along, ever since its founding back during the Revolutionary Days.

However, our current situation finds our Democracy at perhaps it’s most gravely “at risk” state in  any of our lifetimes.  Because of that, what I call for is nothing short of a Second American Revolution, but with some notable differences from the first- with the most important difference being that I call for this Second American Revolution to be carried out peacefully, non violently, and through the Democratic institutions, traditions, and processes that are indeed still available to us, the American citizenry.  But those Democratic tools will only be effective in challenging the mainstream status quo of business and politics as usual- which has lead to this current grave crisis in our very Democracy on all levels: Political, Social, Economic, and cultural- if “We the people…” organize together to transcend what is happening now and is passed off as “all that is politically feasible in this climate” and find a new and better “path with heart” into our collective futures.


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